7 amazing health benefits of eating a raw organic eggs

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fresh organic raw Eggs
Organic Eggs

It is fact that every food loses some nutrition after cooking, same as eggs also. the better way to eat eggs as raw, you will get a huge amount of nutrition like vitamin D, omega 3, biotin, zinc, protein, cholesterol, and other nutrients in it, which are reduced in cooked eggs. If you cannot eat raw eggs, then mix them in a smoothie. Be sure to wash raw eggs thoroughly with soapy water before bursting them. to clear the Salmonella bacteria on their skin, eliminating the risk of infection.

Raw Organic Egg

It has antioxidants. did you know that eating two raw eggs daily can give you an antioxidant equivalent to an apple? This is due to the presence of two types of amino acids in them. The raw egg strengthens the weakening muscles due to aging.

Natural Biotin

Natural biotin is present in the yellow part of the egg. it helps to strengthen hair, skin, nails and protects against diabetes and depressant disease. In vegetarian substances, biotin is found in a small amount quantity.

Weight Loss

Eggs help to reduce fats. it contains cholesterol. Do you think that cholesterol is bad? No, cholesterol is primarily required for the production of cells and hormones. It also produces bile juice, which aids the digestion of fat.

organic raw eggs
Vitamins, Protein and Mineral

Eggs are good source of vitamins A, D, E, K. Our body needs a lot of fat soluble vitamins. Vitamins A, D and K work together. Research has shown that vitamin D can reduce your cancer risk by half.

Vitamin B12 and Folate Reserves In raw eggs, you can find essential nutrients, vitamins such as vitamin B12. An egg may contain 0.2 mg of riboflavin or vitamin B12. It is used to break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats in the body. Eating the raw yellow part of the egg cures anemia and makes the brain sharp.

An egg contains about 6 grams of protein, which is needed by the body to repair old cells and make new cells. Egg yolk also contains about 66 grams of phosphorus and 22 mg of calcium. 37 trillion cells in our body require phosphorus to function properly.

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